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As an established and leading supplier of a wide and diverse range of products to the hotel, hospitality and leisure related Industries throughout East Africa.

The company boasts an impressive showroom in Arusha which allows for an extensive and representative range of products to be displayed. It also provides a back-up service to support specific supply contracts and the more popular fast-moving lines together with low volume specialized products.
Sunkist has its own warehousing facilities in order to supply the clients as a continuity for the requirements.

Our unique procurement arm based in The UK provides us with the networking and sourcing capabilities to obtain high quality products from leading manufacturers worldwide at extremely competitive prices.

About Sunkist

Sunkist Investments is a family run business established in 2004 to handle the hotel commodity supply business. Retaining the same ‘family’ name and known as Sunkist. Sunkist Investments, the company progressively and consciously expanded to become a major supplier of a wide range of goods allied to the hotel, hospitality and catering industries across East Africa.

The company has diversified to address the customer demands relating to an important sector of their business, guest amenities the company now produces its very own brand, Frangi and Eco Essentials.

Sunkist is able to regulate the quality, reliability and efficiency required for a continuity of the products and their specifications and representing various known brands in the market.

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